Wearing Emotions

Artemistry Photography

What emotion are you wearing? What’s the brand? Who’s the designer? Where did you get it? How much was it? These are the questions that we’re not asking. We don’t talk about chasing emotions. We talk about chasing things and experiences that make us emotional.

We go on holidays to experience different emotions from the ones we experience in our office.

We do photoshoots to experience emotions too. Photoshoots offer rich emotional experience. You get emotions before the shoot, during the shoot and after the shoot.

I love photographing people with emotions. I want to style emotions with clothes. Or with the absence of clothes. With light or with the absence of light. With jewelry, sunglasses, plants... And anything else that creates the world for emotions to live in.

I want my models to experience new emotions. To build self-awareness, self-curiosity, self-excitement.

What emotions are you chasing right now?

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