She Knows When She Is Hot

Artemistry Photography

Everyone has a badass angle. My job is to find it.

I work with women who are new to modelling. They do it for fun, for excitement, for attention, to express themselves, to discover themselves, to empower themselves. To show a middle finger to suppression, judgement and hate.

Every woman has her own reason for being in front of a camera. My job is to understand that reason and create an experience that she enjoys. At the end of the day, it's not really about the picture. The picture is an artifact that the model gets when she goes on a creative journey, called a photoshoot. The journey itself is why being in front of a camera is so enticing.

Every photographer offers their unique photoshoot journey. The journey that I offer is about discovering the badass feminine side of you. It's about stepping out of your comfort zone with your body. It's about being unapologically yourself. Revealing more than ever. Expressing more than ever. Becoming more self-aware than ever. Loving yourself more than ever. It's a challenging journey for most women. But it's the most meaningful one.

And it's the most meaningful one for me too. Knowing yourself as much as you can and living your truth as much as you can is what matters the most in life. It's called being a badass at life. When your photography helps with that, it's highly rewarding.

My job is to find your badass angle.

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