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Accepting ourselves - that's hard for us, humans. Let's talk about it.

Why is it hard? Is it because others don't accept us? Is it because people on social media are telling us that we're not good enough? That our lives are not good enough? That what we like and don't like is not good enough?

Everybody's judging everybody, because nobody accepts themselves as they are. And here we are, on Instagram, carefully sharing crafted moments from our lives that we believe will please others. And in return - we hope, HOPE, that others will approve and love us a little bit more for what we broadcast in our Instagram stories.

Here's a real life story for you. This is Chrissy, and as you can tell from the pictures - Chrissy is gorgeous and sexy. The benefit of photographing people is that you get a chance to know them! Chrissy is smart. She's a nurse and she loves it! She enjoys travelling, healthy food and her passions are makeup artistry and modelling.

What you don't see on her Instagram stories is that Chrissy has sickle cell disease - Google that for a moment. Not a sexy thing to research? It scares people when they find out what it is. Yet, the first step to fight that disease is to face it, not to run away from it. And Chrissy's fighting!

I have a question for you - what are you running away from? What is that fight that you need to face in order to accept yourself?

Tell yourself the truth and then act on it.

And once you do - you won't need anyone's like on Instagram anymore. You won't need anyone's approval. You won't need anyone's permission to be yourself.

Because you'll have you, accepted and free to live your life to the fullest.

That's what I wish for all of you!

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