Three Books Every Women's Photographer Must Read

Written by Artemistry on October 20th 2018

Artemistry Photography

When you start photographing women there's a journey awaits you. This journey will depend on which books you will read at the beginning of that journey. Here's my choice of three books that every women's photographer must read.

"The Photographer's Guide To Posing" by Lindsay Adler

Artemistry Photography

Lindsay Adler is exceptional at explaining how to pose women. And to make a women look stunning - you must know how to post her best. Read this book.

"Picture Perfect Posing" by Roberto Valenzuela

Artemistry Photography

Roberto has unique style of explaining things. His approach to explaining posing is very insightful. Highly recommended.

"Picture Perfect Lighting" by Roberto Valenzuela

Artemistry Photography

Lighting defines the quality of your pictures. Once again Roberto explains it very well.


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