My Advice To New Models

Written by Artemistry on January 22nd 2019

Figure out who you are.

What do I mean? Find out what unique look you can offer to the market. Then put most of your efforts on developing and marketing your unique look. Then you win.

This advice applies to anyone. I follow this advice myself. The photography that I do is my way to figure out who I am, what do I love and what feels like a meaningful way to live a life. It's a self-awareness building exercise.

What I know right now is that I love creating stylish and revealing looks. I call them "badass looks". And I love meeting people who are excited to wear those looks. They are my kind of people. I lose track of time when I spend my time with them. I call them "badass people".

Throughout this photography journey I've discovered new things about myself. Now I know that I love to photograph badass women - stylish, sexy & full of life’s energy. I like women who are edgy, who experience life more fully than the average person.

I like people with taste. I like developing my own taste. I like people who develop courage to express their taste even though they receive critisism and judgement from their community. Fuck that. Change your community.

There's nothing more important in life than to live a meaningful life. To express yourself. Modelling is a perfect opportunity to do exactly that. So is writing. So is photography. So is poetry.

Go figure yourself out. Try different things. Different styles. Different outfits. Different genres. Different colours. Work with different photographers. In different studios. With different brands. On different music videos. Wearing diffent makeup, different hair style, different jewelry. And pay attention.

Pay attention to what feels so meaningful that you forget to eat. (Pro life tip: eat regularly.)

Go do you. And become badass at it.


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