The Manifesto:
Women’s Body Is The Most Beautiful Creation In The World

Written by Artemistry on October 20th 2018

Artemistry Photography

Women’s body is the work of nature. And it's one of the most beautiful works of nature. Up until now nature spent over two and a half million years to create women’s body. That’s two and a half million years of hard work. Every day, no weekends, no holidays.

We value that work. We recognise the beauty in that work. It’s a true masterpiece. Through centuries of human history we documented the beauty of women’s body in sculptures and paintings. We expressed it with words.

Today we have a chance to celebrate it and document it an unprecedented world-wide scale. Our modern medium for documenting it is photography. Our modern distribution channel is the Internet.

Yet, unfortunately, we’re far from openly celebrating the beauty of women’s body. In our modern society we judge it. We judge the work of nature. We, humans, who have a life-expectancy of a hundred years have audacity to judge the two-and-a-half-million-year work of nature.

It's like when a butterfly judges a mountain.

How is this even possible?

Artemistry Photography

The beauty of women’s body has power. And like any power it can be used to create or to destroy. It can inspire and motivate men and women to live their lives to the fullest. Or it can seduce, gain control and destroy lives.

A way to prevent a power from being used for destruction is to control it. We, humans, are part of nature and unfortunately, we don’t have as much control over our nature as we would like to. To help us to control it we’ve invented social rules that dictate what we’re allowed to express and what we should suppress.

The challenge is the balance between what we express and what we suppress. I feel that today we’re suppressing our nature too much. It’s unhealthy. We’re judging the expression of beauty of women’s body. We’re shaming the desire to express it.

This judgement and this shame come from a place of fear. We’re scared of beauty. We’re scared of what it can do to us. We’re scared of it stealing our self-control from us. We’re scared of our nature.

Fear is a powerful driver for modern capitalism. It’s very easy to sell us fear. The fashion industry tells you that you’re not good enough if you don’t own things that it sells you. Advertising industry makes you feel insecure and inadequate.

Living our lives in fear is a recipe for unhappiness. Ultimately, we want to live a happy life. Wouldn’t you agree?

Nature is enough. The naked you is enough. Express yourself with style, fashion and art. Let that expression come from a place of joy, not a place of insecurity.

We need to celebrate the beauty of women’s body. We need to acknowledge the power that this beauty has and purposely use it to inspire and to motive us. That’s why I’ve started the Confidence project - it’s goal is to celebrate the nature of who we are without judging and shaming us, to document our beauty for us and for future generations, to express ourselves through styling our beauty, to get attention and to inspire others to live their lives to the fullest.

Don’t be afraid of nature. You are nature. Embrace it.

Celebrate it!

Artemistry Photography