Artemistry Photography


The best thing about London is its people. Beautiful, creative, daring. Thank you for working with me! I never thought I would do this red dress photoshoot in, wait for it - January! I am fascinated with what’s possible with the right people around you. Hell, if you love this picture and you’re not afraid of creating this look in February in London - let’s do it! Doing is the key. Doing is learning. Doing is getting better at it. Don’t wait for perfect conditions. London is not perfect. No city is. Take what you have right now and create what you’ve never created before. Most importantly - meet new people in your city. Think about this: there are thousands of people living in your city who would love to work with you - they just don’t know you exist. So if you love this picture and you have a friend who would love to create this look - share it with them! Connect and help to connect. London is full of creative opportunities. Full of amazing people. Full of red.



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