It Takes Courage To Be You

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It Takes Courage To Be You

It takes courage to express the side of you that is unfamiliar to you, your friends and your family. When your social circle has already labeled you to be someone that they accept and love, it takes courage to introduce a new character into their lives.

What if they will not welcome your new identity? Will they stop loving you? Will they stop giving you their support? It’s scary.

But what’s the alternative? To not be yourself? To pretend and act as your social circle likes you to act? And then when you’re 65 - to sit and think about all the time that you’ve wasted by making someone else happy, but not yourself...

Being fake is not noble. Nor will it make your life fulfilled. Gifting your genuine self to the world - is. Creating space for others in your life to change and evolve - is. Takes courage to be you.

So go and become a courage model for others.


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