How To Become A Better Women's Photographer

Written by Artemistry on October 20th 2018

It's critical to understand your "Why" first.

Understand Why You Want To Photograph Women

Start with your intentions. Why do you want to photograph women? Why not men? Why not dogs or cars? Spend time on thinking about this. Find the best possible answer that you can. It has to be your personal answer, that has as little outside influence as possible.

It has to be your personal truth. Tell yourself the truth. The most honest truth that you can express with words. Write it down and put it somewhere where you can see it every day.

The reason you want to see it every day is because every time you see it - you will feel if it's still your truth or not.

You will review your truth regularly.

With new photoshoots you will get new experiences and with new experiences your perspective on why you want to photograph women will change. More experience will lead to more self-awareness. Which in turn will help you to adjust your truth.

Your truth will become the reason why you do what you do. It will protect you from any critisism and hate. It will inspire you when things will not go as you wanted them to go. It will help you to make choices. It will help you to find the style of your work.

Don't compromise on your truth. If you do, you will compromise on who you are and what you want. You will make your core beliefs, your core confidence and self-esteem weaker. You will become weaker. This weakness will be reflected in your photography work too. Your work will become weaker.

Once you know your truth, you will understand your intentions, your goals. Your intentions must be good. Good for you and for the women that you want to photograph. Otherwise, you need to reconsider your choice to photograph women.

Communicate Why You Want To Photograph Women

Once you're clear about your truth it's time to communicate it openly to women. Women will work with you if and only if - they trust you. Your truth will explain your intentions and when you clearly express your intentions - you will earn trust.

Understand What Women Want

Women want to feel beautiful and sexy. They want to feel desired by men. They want to have fun. They want to experience a diverse range of emotions. That's what makes women feel most alive.

Your photography will help them to feel beautiful, sexy and desired. Your photography will help women to feel like they're women.

Women want to have fun. Your photography can offer that fun experience to them. Make a photoshoot with you a fun experience for women.

Women compete with other women. They want to feel that they're as good as someone they look up to or better. For example, they look up to popular women - celebrities. Celebrities do photoshoots and have stunning pictures in popular magazines. Your photography can offer pictures that have look and feel as if they're from a magazine.

Build Your Women Skills

When you work with women, it's your responisbility to make them feel relaxed and at ease with you.

Start with your own mood. How you feel will affect how your models feel. Don't photograph women when you're in a bad mood. Change your mood first. You should be the source of your mood, not the environment. Don't react to anything that a women does "wrong". Don't get upset if she's late. Don't get angry if she forgets to bring sunglasses to your photoshoot. Get into mood that helps you and your model to have an amazing experience of creating art.

Get to know your model as a person. Where she's from? What was her favourite photoshoot so far? What she's excited about today?

Show A Woman How Sexy She Can Be

Find out if a woman comes to your photoshoot with a need to explore herself. To step out of her comfort zone. To build her confidence in how her body looks. If that's the case, organise a photoshoot that provides that experience.


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