Hottest Date

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Hottest Date

"I am creating inspiration
I am inspiring younger self who thinks there's a limit on his own creation
No more of that, instead let's go and find out
What we can do for real and what's the deal
With that forgotten childhood fear that fuels our present limitation?
Let's look it in the eyes and start the "Why not?" conversation
Let's drop excuses and reveal our love for moments of emotional escape
But if you hate the song so much, then maybe it is time to change the fucking tape?
It's not too late, to get on track with what you lack
New day is back, fresh start requires no justification
This time make sure you put your finest work and vivid dedication
I wish it on myself, and I will wish this on you all
Whenever you attempt to walk, remember - you will fall
The second you decide to blame the hellish road and stupid fate
Remind yourself - you’re walking to your hottest goddam date."


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