How To Become A Better Model

If I would be a beautiful woman deciding to give modelling a try, I would do this.

Discover Your Unique Look

You need to discover a unique look that only you can create. That's what will make you stand out from the competition. That's why people will work with you and not someone else.

Discover your body: your body shape, the size and the shape of your boobs, the size and the shape of your butt, your tattoos, your piercings, your hair length and colour, your lips and your eyes.

Understand your style: which clothes work best with your body features, which colours work best for your skin tone.

Learn How To Pose Hands

Posing hands is the hardest part in posing.

Make sure there's no tention in your hands. No robot hands. Don't pull one finger away from the rest. Don't show your arm's palm to the camera - it looks like a big blob of skin - it's distracting and not interesting to look at. Don't show the back of your hand too. Don't do fists.

Do ballerina hands - relaxed and elegant.

Learn How To Pose Face

Spend all your free time next in front of the mirror. Find the best side of your face. Try different hairstyle: divide hair equally, move all hair to the right, move all hair to the left. Try hair up. Try hair down.

Play with your eyes.

Play with yout lips.

Don't put tention on your face - keep it relaxed.

Understand What Gets Attention

Nudity will get attention. Bright colours will get attention. Unusual poses will get attention. Unsual outfits will get attention. Tattoos will get attention.

Draw attention to where you want people to look and don't draw attention to where you don't want people to look.

People's attention is limited, so make sure there're only two or three elements that compete for people's attention. For example: your boobs and your facial expression.