Artemistry Photography



The Poetry

"You're making moves, you work, you hustle every day
You're doing you, not listening to what they have to say
Open your soul, empty your heart, yet no result
It's crazy how your childhood dreams turned into hell for your adult
You need to sleep, it's time for your recovery
Wake up tomorrow, it can bring you unexpected joy... of a discovery."


The Story

When you think you've tried it all, you gave it all, you know it all, you've experienced it all - it's a sign that you've tired of your current view of the world. You outgrew the box you put yourself. It's time to expand your view of the world. Time to discover something new. Something unexpected. Something that you can't explain. Something that is exctiting, that opens new possibilities, that ignites new ideas, new goals and new dreams.

It's time to open your mind and heart to the world.

To make a new discovery.

I Met A Stranger