Discovering My Beauty

Written by Artemistry on October 20th 2018

The purpose of my photography and film is to discover and document women's beauty in this world.

The purpose of my website and my social media posts is to share that beauty with the world and connect with the like-minded people.

I feel that in the world today we focus way more on what's ugly, what's bad and what's sad. We give too much attention to negativity. Through my creative work I want to focus on positivity. I want to document what's happy, what's good and what's beautiful.

What is the ultimate beauty for me in this world? Women. Nothing else comes even close.

As a photographer I like to see beauty. It's all visual for me and for my camera. When do I see the most beauty in women? This is the question.

There's no one idea of what the absolute female beauty is. Everyone has their own vision for that. This means you, as a creative individual need to discover your definition of the ultimate beauty in women. How does it look to you?

Through the years of experience I've experimented with different looks. I've photographed women indoors, outdoors, clothed, half nude and fully nude. I've tried a range of photography styles - from portrait to erotic.

And this is the ultimate beauty that I've discovered for myself: outdoor revealing looks with natural light - stylish implied topless and stylish implied nude styles.

These are my guidelines:

1. Reveal boobs shape, but don't reveal nipples. Let viewers imagination to reveal them.

2. Reveal booty, but don't reveal anything between the legs.

3. Wearing a sheer see-through top without a bra.

I don't feel that fully clothes images show the ultimate beauty, as they hide too much of a woman and show too much of the clothes.

I am not a fashion (clothes) photographer.

Fully nude images don't always reveal the ultimate beauty either. It depends on a woman. Some women are more beautiful fully nude, while others are more beautiful when only partially nude.

Take a look at the examples of what's beautiful for me:

Artemistry Photography

Artemistry Photography

Artemistry Photography


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