Creative Storm

Artemistry Photography

Artemistry Photography



The Story

This photograph was created outdoor in London at the beginning of October 2018. It was cold, +12C and rainy. When we've started photographing lingerie Lucy was all wet. We didn't plan the wet hair look. The weather added it's own style to our images.

What I've learned through this photoshoot experience is that there's very-little-to-no excuse not to create. Nothing was on our side when we were creating these images. The photoshoot was on Saturday's morning, Lucy's travel plan was disrupted by train operators, the weather turned from cloudy to pouring rain and it was one of the coldest days in the last couple of months.

Yet, Lucy and I wanted this photoshoot to happen and it did.


The Poetry

"Cold rainy weather - it can't stop us, no
When they invite us to creative storm, we go
That's how we grow,
It's why we need those obstacles to roll
Our way, with stormy cards to play
We'll turn our gloomy morning into our greatest day."


Lit Your Eyes