Hey, my name is Art - true story

Artemistry Photography

I am excited about creating attention-stealing images and films with sexy and stylish women. Revealing beauty, showing to the world what the world haven't seen yet. Taking creative risks in the hope of expanding the comfort zone of humanity just like the universe expands it's boundaries.

It's fun.

I love female nudity. You must be fucking crazy if you think it's "dirty", "cheap" or "inappropriate". On the contrary - it's the most inspiring thing on Earth created by nature after 2.5 millions of years of hard work. Right now female nudity is so underrated and unloved - let's make it cool again!

I am based in London and I speak English and Russian.

Why I do photography, films and poetry, and not, let's say, painting? I love the speed that cameras and words allow you to create with. Creating fast, learning quicker leads to discovering more magic and having bigger positive impact on a greater number of people!

Makes me feel so alive, I don't need an alarm clock to wake up at 5AM to do it.

Speaking of doing - here's what I've been busy with. By the way, most of my work is 18+, so for the love of shy, conservative, grumpy old and innocent young people around you - don't click on those links.

Oh, you're surrounded with open-minded and supportive friends? Please, indulge yourself.

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Artemistry Photography

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